Following 2020 and 2021’s The Japan Rail Fair is back as its first-ever hybrid trip in 2022!

Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the opening of Japan’s railway system and Tetsudo no Hi (鉄道の⽇) on 14 October, this rail fair features a packed schedule of exciting programmes like webinars and staged performances as well as a fascinating showcase of railway sites and trips for our in-person participants and online community to enjoy.

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Japan Airlines exclusive shop

Commemorate your long-awaited first trip to Japan, whether in almost 3 years or ever, with a piece of Japan Airlines merchandise such as ecological shopping bags and stylish hats! Only available for sale exclusively at The Japan Rail Fare for a limited time only!

Seibu Group

With the theme of "COME SEE SEIBU" – Japanese architects meet SEIBU, we will be introducing you for a trip to Tokorozawa or Hanno & Chichibu area to experience the unique attraction here by taking our latest limited express “Laview”, which was designed by famous Japanese architect here. Also, we will be introducing you Izu & Hakone area, Shiga area and Kyoto area, where both been considered as golden route belongs to the Seibu Group.

ZEN-NOH International Asia Pte. Limited

Nippon Yell's products are filled with the love and gratitude of Japanese producers. It is a ZENNOH brand that continues to create new values with the hope to energize the entire world from Japan. If you haven't eaten Nippon Yell’s Dried Fruits yet, please come and visit us. You will definitely be surprised with the deliciousness!!


YU•ITO appreciates the blessings of the earth, such as organic cotton, silk, linen, and wool.
We put our hearts into making your favorite knit items that you can use a long time.And our company‘s 5-toed socks may help prevent and improve conditions such as bunions, flat feet, and bended toes.They also improve your posture by adjusting your toe balance. YU•ITO delivers you 5-toed socks with fashionable designs you want to wear every day.

Narita Dream Farm

“All ice cream tastes the same!” “There is no difference in the taste of yogurt.” If you try Narita Dream Farm‘s products, you will surely realize that ice cream and yogurt are not just dairy products. Narita Dream Farm comes to Singapore first time and this is the only chance you can give a try for our ice cream and yogurt! We hope you enjoy our dairy products made of milk we are proud of as a farmer, and come to Chiba in the future!


The NISSIN FOODS Group explores various possibilities for food and creates dream-inspiring delicious tastes. We contribute to society and the earth by gratifying people everywhere with pleasures and delights food can provide.

The term "EARTH FOOD CREATOR" expresses our desire to contribute to the world and its people by creating food, the basis of all life. Grains grown in the soil are the starting point for all food, and the mission of the NISSIN FOODS Group is to create and continue to produce food derived from the bounty of the Earth and its precious soil.

“True to nature, the flavour of Kagome”

Establishing "Kagome Quality" for Our Customers
Since our founding, we have endeavored to offer ideas for a healthy and enjoyable diet based on nature’s bounty. This approach, as expressed in our "True to nature, the flavor of Kagome" brand statement, reinforces our commitment to customers. Vital to fulfilling this commitment is the development of safe, reliable products. Thus, to ensure product safety we have adopted a quality management system (QMS) covering everything from raw ingredient procurement, R&D and production to distribution in accordance with our "Product Quality Policy," which was established in 2003.


Our mission is to bring the finest specialty products from Japan to Singapore and to the world! This time, we are introducing specially curated items from “Nomono” and “KINOKUNIYA” brand, a high-end Japanese grocery store.Come on down, enjoy and rediscover the “Charm of Japan” through our booth!


【D.I.Y. HOKKAIDO】will be distributed free of charge. In the brochure, lots of useful information such as sightseeing spot, accommodation, car rental and experience in Hokkaido are introduced recommended by a local travel agency. Special benefits will be offered to those who have it. The travel agency which knows about Hokkaido well is published. This will be the essential brochure for traveling Hokkaido.

Railway Booth

‘Railway’ elements are also very much in focus, with a railway booth introducing NTT Docomo VR (Virtual Reality), a photo panel featuring the History of Railway by The Railway Museum (Saitama, Japan), and a fascinating train diorama of Plarail (railroad toys) by Takara Tomy, besides the popular selection of ekiben (railway bento) for dine-in guests available from 1 to 31 October 2022.

J.CLAIR Singapore

This year, J.CLAIR Singapore will introduce tourism information from various local areas in Japan. If you are planning a trip to Japan and need more information, please come visit our booth! You can get useful information with our pamphlets for sure!

Kyoto by the Sea

An escape from the cities, but still close enough to make traveling here a breeze. car: 90 min from Kyoto / 2 hrs from Osaka train: 2 hrs from Kyoto / 3 hours from Osaka Plan your trip and connect our region to other must see Japanese regions like Kinosaki Onsen and Woodland Kyoto.


Enjoy the symbol of Japanese tradition - the kimono! This time, AKIZAKURA will be selling fans, caps and accessories made as upcycling kimono fabrics. All are excellent products made by the hands of Japanese craftsmen. We also offer a 'yukata dressing experience', where you can actually try on a yukata (summer cotton kimono). Authentic Japanese yukata will be provided so that you can experience the charm of Japanese yukata. It's also a great photo opportunity.


HARU is an importer, distributor and online retailer of smallbatch artisan Japanese sake. Come visit us to try our brews for free and some fair-exclusive offers!

Improve Your Life

You have one life. You are unique, gifted and talented. Enhance your worth by improving your lifestyle here.


TOMMY`s SAKE BAR is new-concept sushi restaurant which belongs to TOMISUSHI Singapore group. The concept can be captured by fusing together traditional and modern Japanese food in the perfect combination. Also, you can enjoy variety of cuisine to suit your choice of Sake. Come to find more delicious in TOMMY`s SAKE BAR!


Fusing traditional Japanese Kimono craft with modern Selvedge denim from Okayama adopted by high-end global brands, Wa- Denim have developed a pair of jeans that are nothing less than the world’s finest.

Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd.

MIO" Sparkling Sake is made from rice. Refreshing and pleasant effervescence. A mild sweetness and crisp acidity with a flavor reminiscent of Muscat grapes.

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