JAPAN RAIL CAFE is thrilled to present its fourth instalment of The Japan Rail Fair from 13 to 15 October 2023 (Friday to Sunday), at Urban Park, Guoco Tower!
Since its successful launch in 2020, the highly sought-after annual fair has fascinated numerous ‘passengers’ with its wondrous rail-themed programmes – both virtually and in-person, and has since evolved into a vibrant lifestyle event that celebrates the best of Japanese culture.

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UMESHUYA Singapore is proud to share our knowledge in Japanese Umeshu to provide the best umeshu drinking experience in Singapore.Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume plums (while still unripe and green) in liquor (焼酎, shōchū) and sugar. UMESHUYA has a wide collection of high-quality Umeshu that is made, packaged and delivered from Japan.

Kirin Holdings Singapore

Kirin Ichiban: Savour the smooth richness of Kirin Ichiban – The only major beer brewing exclusively with First Press Wort”. Because it is made according to the First Press Method, you only taste the delicious malt & get a refreshing aftertaste. The pure flavor that goes down smooth and the malt's always enjoyable umami flavor are why Kirin Ichiban embodies the Kirin Beer ideal and make it obvious flagship product.

The Kabuki Works

(Partnered with Aizu, Mie, and Gifu)
We source our sake with a vision: that being able to bring a product from a place means having to bring all the richness of story that comes with it as well. We also provide local pottery from these regions, and specially curated tours for deep exploration into the heart and soul of the Japanese.

HARU Sake/Le Furo

Haru Sake is an importer, distributor and online retailer of rare, small-batch artisan sakes. With our in-house sommelier, we promise you only the best of Japan!
Visit our booth and follow our socials to sample our brews! We have sakes with gold leaf, sakes brewed with flower extracts - a technique only usable by 30 breweries in Japan, and brews made from organic rice.


The brand name “HINEMOS” means “all day”in Japanese.
The timing and situations for drinking alcohol vary.
We also believe that the alcoholic bererage that turns that time into the best moment also differs depending on the time of day when you drink.
We want our Japanese sake to be a sake that accompanies the time you enjoy it.
That is why we have named our brand “HINEMOS”.

Akita Prefecture

Iburi Gakko" is a traditional pickle of Akita Prefecture. Enjoy the smoked aroma and chewy texture. Akita Komachi" was developed in Akita Prefecture and has long been a favorite rice in Japan. Amazake" is also known as a "drinking infusion" and is a highly nutritious drink. It is made by fermenting rice.
Akita produces many delicious apples. Enjoy our sugar-free 100% apple juice. Akita is famous for producing delicious sake and is home to some of the best sake breweries in Japan. We are pleased to bring you some of our recommended sake.

JR East Cross Station

Fat-free milk from Jersey cows at Morino-Ranch, which graze in the forest, is used, and local brand eggs called "Nasu Goyo-Eggs" are used for the gaufrette dough. Each piece of gaufrette dough is carefully baked and sandwiched by hand. It is filled with a sweet jam full of the aroma of milk, made by boiling down fat-free milk until it becomes caramelized. The buttercream, which is not too sweet, brings a rich flavor.
"HITACHINO NEST BEER" - Japanese Craft Beer with red iconic "Owl" and various beers you can pick which "True Japanese Craft" / "HINOMARU WHISKY"- New Challenge and the first eddition was just launched in July, 2022. FOR ONLY THIS EVENT WE HAVE LIMITED BOTTLES WHICH ALREADY SOLD OUT IN MARKET.

Narita Dream Farm

This soft serve ice cream is made using only raw milk from cows carefully raised on the company's own farm, which is characterized by animal welfare and environmentally friendly dairy farming. Please enjoy the rich, smooth texture and refreshing aftertaste.

Kyoto by the Sea

We will introduce useful area information for traveling in Kyoto by the Sea, and accept reservations and sales of various experience products and farmhouse stays that can only be found in Kyoto by the Sea, with special offers only available during the JRF event. Sake and craft beer, canned foods made from local ingredients, dried sea cucumbers and dried sardines, and rich honey from three generations of beekeepers will also be available for tasting and sale.
Those who fill out a questionnaire can also enjoy yo-yo fishing, a popular activity at Japanese festivals.

Japan Tamago Kake Gohan Laboratory

1.Eggs for raw consumption
These Eggs can be safely eaten for raw consumption.
These eggs are especially suitable for Tamago Kake Gohan(egg over rice)

2. Japan Tamago Kake Gohan Laboratory Official Soy Sauce
Soy sauce developed after researching soy sauce from all over Japan, which can go beyond Tamago Kake Gohan (egg over rice). It also pairs perfectly with sushi and tofu.

Teppan works

Stylish & Casual Japanese Omakase Teppanyaki restaurant & Sake Bar.

- High quality Wagyu beef Steak, Osaka Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba fried noodle, Seafood, Japanese Izakaya Items, Omakase at reasonable prices.


Nissin Foods is the company invented Instant Noodles in Japan 1958. Now not only market leader of Instant noodles in Singapore, offering a wide range of food products, potato chips, cereals, and frozen noodles. Let’s come to our booth to try our frozen pasta, Karamucho chips.


Kagome is Japan's No.1 vegetable juice company, and the first company in Japan to produce tomato juice in 1933. Since its founding, KAGOME has stayed true to the philosophy that good ingredients come from good fields. We strives to maximize the value of nature's bounty for people all over the world.

Meiji Seika Singapore Pte Ltd

1. FREE sampling of our newly product launched of CHOCOROOMS (Choco & Strawberry). Have fun with FREE CHOCOROOMS Stickers for your kids too!
2. Grab your favourite snacks of Hello Panda, Yan Yan and Plain Crackers at Meiji booth now!

ZEN-NOH International Asia Pte.Limited

The ZEN-NOH Group is actively engaged in overseas business including the expansion of export of Japanese agricultural and livestock products and processed products. ZEN-NOH International Corporation will work together with ZEN-NOH to create a framework including building of an efficient distribution system and establish an export business model that connects Japanese agricultural and livestock producers with overseas consumers, and promote export business.

Visit our booth and find “Nippon yell “.You can discover the value of ingredients from various prefectures in Japan that aim to deliver happiness to everyone!

Japan Fruits & Vegetables Export Promotion Council

Do you like Japanese Fruits? Come to our booth and try FREE sampling! You will surely realize that Japanese fruits are very juicy, sweet, and fresh. Enjoy the taste of the finest fruit delivered directly from Japan.


We, LUMINE&NEWoMan, are fashion shopping centers located in main train stations around Tokyo, are popular spots that feature the latest trends and fashions representative of Japan.
The booth will be offering a medley of fresh Japanese fruits curated by ‘Lumine Agri Project’ that aims to share about rural farms and products to urban dwellers; as well as Japanese snacks from ‘Seijo Ishii’ – a premium supermarket chain in the country.

TOMY Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd.

Founded on 2 February 1924, Takara Tomy has grown to become one of the world's largest toy companies.

Dedicated with its pursuit to create excellent products, Takara Tomy has an outstanding record of products under its brand.

For the past 90 years, it has accompanied generations of young children, by providing fun, entertaining and educational toys that are well trusted by parents for its high standard of safety and reliability.

J.CLAIR Singapore

This year, J.CLAIR Singapore will introduce tourism information from various local areas in Japan. If you are planning a trip to Japan and need more information, please come visit our booth! You can get useful information with our pamphlets for sure!


Sales of the JR EAST (Tohoku area) and JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) Rail Passes will be held at TJRF 2023, along with an introduction to the JR-East Train Reservation system website!

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

JAL exclusive merchandise and the Imokempi and the Imochips (sweet potato chips in several flavours) will be available for purchase.
There will also be an opportunity to try on the JAL pilot and cabin crew uniforms to take photos with Singapore-based JAL crew! (Uniforms are for children only)


Kiki & Lala Monorail is running on TOKYO MONORAIL! "Kiki & Lala Monorail" is cutely wrapped inside and out with Kiki & Lala from SANRIO's Little Twin Stars.

Since its establishment in 1964 as a Haneda Airport access service, we have grown together with the communities along the line for more than 50 years. As a member of the JR East Group, we are committed to providing safe and stable transportation services


Located in northwestern Nagano Prefecture at the base of the 3,000-m tall Northern Japan Alps, HAKUBAVALLEY boasts 10 resorts blessed with abundant snowfall and high-quality powder snow.
Host of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, HAKUBAVALLEY welcomes guests from around the world to enjoy winter sports at world-class facilities.

From gentle groomed runs to 8-km-long cruising courses, HAKUBAVALLEY has something for everyone.

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