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Fruit-tastic Japan: 8 of Japan's bountiful & juicy treasures

Fruit-tastic Japan: 8 of Japan's bountiful & juicy treasures

Ever wondered about the fruity wonders that Japan has to offer? Prepare to be delighted as we embark on a juicy adventure through the world of Japanese fruits! From the succulent peaches to the luxurious cantaloupes and the exotic persimmons, these fruits are a feast for the senses. With their unique flavours and vibrant colours, they hold a special place in Japan's culinary heritage. 


The exportation period of the different fruits in Japan. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


If you're a fruity foodie, join us as we explore the tantalising sweetness and natural goodness that Japan's bountiful orchards have in store with these eight fruit-tastic Japanese fruits!


1. Apples: The year-round in-season fruit

The Fuji Apple. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


Japanese apples (りんご ringo) are a sensory delight with their flawless appearance, boasting a glossy sheen and vibrant hues of red and green. Abundantly juicy, with a perfect balance of sweetness, they have a delightfully crisp texture. Besides their delectable taste, Japanese apples are packed with essential nutrients, fibre, and antioxidants. A scrumptious and healthy treat that keeps you coming back for more!


In season: January–December
Common varieties: Fuji (ふじ), Jonagold (ジョナゴールド), Orin (王林), etc.
Top producing prefectures: Aomori, Nagano, Iwate


2. Japanese pears: The golden fruit

The Akizuki (Japanese) and Le Lectier (Western) pears. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


Japanese pears (梨 nashi) thrive in late summer to early autumn, gracing many who are looking forward to enjoying this seasonal fruit. Exhibiting a rounded, apple-like shape, their smooth, golden skin conceals their crunchy texture and mouthwatering, sweet flavour. Some varieties are green and others light brown, but allare succulent and mildly sweet, the perfect way to welcome the bountiful harvest season.


In season: July–October
Common varieties: Kosui (幸水), Hosui (豊水), Nijusseiki (二十世紀), etc.
Top producing prefectures: Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi


3. Persimmons: The autumn fruit

The Ichida Persimmons. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


Persimmons (柿 kaki) are synonymous with autumn in Japan, adorning the landscape with their vibrant orange hue. While unripe persimmons are crunchy, the ripe fruit is soft, sweet and melts in your mouth. Rich in vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and dietary fibre, Japanese persimmons are a delectable and nourishing fall treat.


In season: September–December
Common varieties: Taisho (太秋), Akio (秋王), Kitaro (輝太郎), etc.
Top producing prefectures: Wakayama, Nara, Fukuoka


4. Melons: The honey-like fruit

The Crown Melon. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


Japanese melons (メロン) flaunt a flawless, smooth exterior with distinctive, net-like patterns and hues of green and orange. They are incredibly juicy and offer a harmonious blend of honey-like sweetness. With a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth texture, they are a luxurious treat to indulge in. These fruits also promote hydration, aid digestion, and contribute to radiant skin, making them a scrumptious and healthful summer indulgence.


In season: May–July
Common varieties: Ibara King (イバラキング), Crown (クラウン), and Yubari King (夕張 キング), etc.
Top producing prefectures: Ibaraki, Hokkaido, Kumamoto


5. Mikan: The vitamin-packed fruit

Arida Mikan from Arida City. (Image credit: 公益社団法人 和歌山県観光連盟)


Japanese mikan (みかん), also known as mandarin oranges, is Japan’s flagship citrus fruit. Rich in Vitamin C, they are the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Not only that, they are small and easy to peel, making them a delightful and refreshing snack. The Japanese mikan also boosts immunity and supports overall well-being, making them a citrusy and nutritious winter treat.


In season: November–March
Common varieties: Kawakami (川上), Arida (有田) , 三ヶ日 (Mikkabi)
Top producing prefectures: Ehime, Wakayama, Shizuoka


6. Strawberries: The red fruit

The Ookimi Strawverries. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


Japanese strawberries (いちご ichigo) ripen to perfection in spring, gracing the season with their luscious presence. Distinguished by their vibrant red hue and plump and heart-shaped appearance, most of these berries are well-loved by many in Japan. These wholesome springtime treats are packed and filled with nutrients, with some saying that around six strawberries provide a full daily dose of Vitamin C!


In season: December–May
Common varieties: Beni-hoppe (紅ほっぺ), Tochi-otome (とちおとめ), Amaou (あまおう), etc.
Top producing prefectures: Tochigi, Fukuoka, Kumamoto


7. Peaches: The pink fruit

The Shimizu ‘Hakuto’ Peaches. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


The velvety Japanese peaches (もも momo) are most well-known for their fragrance, unique texture and blush-coloured skin with hints of gold. Upon ripening, the soft flesh bursts with sweetness and delicate floral notes, making them a true taste sensation. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, these peaches are a delicious and health-conscious choice.


In season: June–September
Common varieties: Shimizu ‘Hakuto’ (清水白桃), Akatsuki (あかつき), Hakuho (白鵬), etc.
Top producing prefectures: Yamanashi, Fukushima, Nagano


8. Grapes: The prized fruit

The Shine Muscat. (Image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council)


With over 30 distinct types of grapes (ぶどう budō) grown in Japan, they are a visual marvel, showcasing plump, luscious clusters that range from deep purple to emerald green. With a juicy and tender texture, these grapes offer a delightful burst of flavour in every bite. Additionally, they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Across all varieties, the juiciness and pristine natural sweetness let you know it’s a Japanese grape. 


In season: June–November
Common varieties: Shine Muscat (シャインマスカット), Kyoho (巨峰), Pione (ピオーネ), etc.
Top producing prefectures: Yamanashi, Nagano, Yamagata


Japanese fruits present a captivating array of flavours, textures, and health benefits that are sure to leave any palate satisfied. From the succulent peaches to the exquisite mikan, each fruit embodies the essence of Japan's culinary delight. When visiting Japan, don't miss the opportunity to indulge in these delectable treasures, as they promise an unforgettable and enriching gastronomic experience.


Header image credit: Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council and 公益社団法人 和歌山県観光連盟


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