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Kanazawa Brewery: Brewing beer in the city of crafts

Kanazawa Brewery: Brewing beer in the city of crafts

Craft beer may not be the first type of Japanese alcohol that comes to mind (any sake fans here?), but did you know that there are over 500 small-scale breweries in Japan—a number that has grown exponentially since its introduction in the mid-1990s? Thanks to innovation and technological advancements, as well as the deregulation and the lowered number of barrel production required per brewery, the beer industry has seen a boom in demand and supply for craft beers throughout the country. One of such breweries is Kanazawa Brewery from Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県 Ishikawa-ken). 


About the brewery

(Image credit: Kanazawa Brewery)


Established just a few years ago in 2015, Kanazawa Brewery (金澤ブルワリー) is relatively new in the beer industry in Japan. The aim is to create a high-quality beer that is loved in Kanazawa and to be a place where tradition and modernness are woven together. Despite being a small-scale brewery, Kanazawa Brewery utilises carefully selected manufacturing processes to produce beer that is not only rich in aroma but also in taste. The brewery also offers brewing training to learn about beer brewing tasting and culture techniques. In the spring of 2016, Kanazawa Brewery was recognised as the best local beer producer in Kanazawa. 


Kanazawa Beer

(Image credit: Kanazawa Brewery)


When producing beer, Kanazawa Brewery considers three main factors: commitment to research, fresh self-cultivated yeast, and originality. With regards to the research at Kanazawa Brewery, they believe in conducting research on the self-cultivation of yeast, which is considered to be the most important factor in beer production, alongside water adjustment, and distribution of raw materials according to the style of beer produced.


For the second factor, by using fresh yeast and maximising the potential of yeast, it is possible to produce high-quality beer without adding additional ingredients. For brewer's yeast, which they are particular about above all, they check the live yeast under a microscope and cultivate it in a special greenhouse.


The last factor, originality, is rooted in making high-quality beer that is rooted in the region unique to Kanazawa. The beer is synonymous with Kanazawa, also known as the city of crafts. Another reason is also the responsiveness, flexibility, and support unique to small-scale breweries. In addition to being able to respond quickly to requests, they can also produce a variety of original beers such as collaborative beer for events and restaurants.


Product line-up

Beer selection

From the left: Virgin Ale, Gold Bach, Dry Stout, and Weizen. (Image credit: Kanazawa Brewery)


The Virgin Ale (ABV 5%) is Kanazawa Brewery’s first beer that has been brewed since its establishment of Kanazawa Brewery. A pale-ale style beer, it is known for its fruity aroma produced by fresh ale yeast and the richness produced by the malt and hops create a deep flavour.


Gold Bach (ABV 6%) is the first lager-type beer made by Kanazawa Brewery. It has a refreshing taste with a rich and sharp taste that is characteristic of a lager, while also having a slight sweetness.


The Dry Stout (ABV 5%) is a unique black beer known for its coffee-like flavour. It has a rich taste that has a beautiful and smooth finish.


Last but not least, the Weizen (ABV 5%) exudes a fruity, sweet, and gorgeous aroma peculiar to Weizen yeast. Wheat malt used in the making of the beer gives it its bright colour and clean finish.


Premium collection

From the left: Saigawa & Asanogawa (Image credit: Kanazawa Brewery)


The premium collection features a unique pair of beers with a ginjo (吟醸) aroma produced by using sake yeast. The Saigawa (犀川) (ABV 11%) is made using a lot of wheat malt and has a cloudy, fruity and flavourful finish, while the Asanogawa (浅野川) (ABV 11%) is made using roasted malt that produces a sweet and tasty finish.


Other liquor

“It’s not beer, it’s Ginger Liquor”. (Image credit: Kanazawa Brewery)


Dubbed as Kanazawa Brewery’s “new challenge”, Ginger Liquor is the brewery’s take on a low-malt and gluten-free “beer”. It is a gluten-free sparkling alcoholic beverage made from their Craft Beer Workshop. Instead of using malt, which contains gluten, rice sugar is used and flavoured with ginger to create an unprecedented alcoholic drink. It is lightweight at 3% alcohol, yet the refreshing ginger flavour makes it a memorable drink.


Kanazawa Brewery (金沢ブルワリー)
Address: 3-1-5 Enkoji, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 921-8173
Operating hours: 9am–4pm (Closed on weekends)
Tel: +81 76-201-0500
*For inquiries, please reach out to them via their website


Jibiru Time @ JAPAN RAIL CAFE 

(Image credit: JAPAN RAIL CAFE)


Craving for a pint? Life is more “beerable” with a bottle of beer at hand—you can now enjoy Kanazawa Brewery’s Virgin Ale, Gold Bach, and Ginger Liquor served at JAPAN RAIL CAFE in Singapore! Mix and match your favourite alcoholic beverages for this great 1-for-1 deal on all alcoholic beverages at the cafe, valid on every Tuesday (except 9 August) for the month of August 2022. While stocks last.


Address: 5 Wallich Street, #01-19/20, Guoco Tower, Singapore 078883
Nearest station: Tanjong Pagar MRT
Opening hours: 11am–9pm (Mondays–Thursdays), 11am–9:30pm (Fridays–Saturdays), 11am–8pm (Sundays)


Ishikawa Jibiru Night @ JAPAN RAIL CAFE

(Image credit: JAPAN RAIL CAFE)


As part of August’s monthly theme of “Jibiru”, JAPAN RAIL CAFE is proud to bring back another rendition of Jibiru Night: Ishikawa Jibiru Night, where we will connect LIVE with our special guest speaker and representative from Kanazawa Brewery, Suzumori-san, who will be sharing with us more about the brewery and the lineup of beers sold at JAPAN RAIL CAFE. She will also be joined by Eric from Ishikawa Prefectural Government who will introduce us to the wonders of Ishikawa Prefecture, where Kanazawa is located. 


That’s not all—the first 20 participants who attend this event will also get to join in an exclusive gold leaf tumbler making workshop conducted by our friends from Ishikawa Prefecture. See you, and kanpai!


Ishikawa Jibiru Night
Date: 4 August 2022
Time: 7pm–8pm (Singapore Time)


Header image credit: Kanazawa Brewery

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