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Old meets new: Tokyo Highlight

Old meets new: Tokyo Highlight

A beautiful old temple here, a brilliant new skyscraper there… Everywhere you look in Tokyo, there’s a beautiful marriage of tradition and technology to create one of the most marvellous cities in the world.


Old meets new to create something truly spectacular in Japan’s capital city, so come and visit Tokyo. We guarantee you won’t regret it.


teamLab Planets

teamLab, Floating Flower Garden; Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One. (Image credit: teamLab) 


Crazy environments, unique experiences, and likely the best photo backdrops ever, teamLab Planets has been drawing visitors in for years. The teamLab art collective has museums and exhibitions around the world, with one of the first exhibitions being teamLab Planets in Tokyo.


As of 2022, teamLab Planets has 4 gigantic exhibition areas along with two gardens, offering seasonal flower events like sakura blossoms in spring. Guests have to take off their shoes before entering the museum, as teamLab includes water exhibits as well.


Feeling peckish after enjoying the museum? One of the art rooms offers unique vegan ramen dishes, allowing guests to eat while they watch teamLab’s futuristic art projections swirl around them. You can’t miss one of the world’s most unique visual delights!




(Image credit: photoAC)


One of the most well known cultural experiences in the world, the Kabuki (歌舞伎) theatre experience is synonymous with Japan. A part of Japan since the early Edo Period, Kabuki theatre remains one of Japan’s premier cultural experiences.


One of Kabuki’s most interesting aspects is that all of its actors are male—even for female roles due to a law passed in 1629. Kabuki actors also have stage names, which are extremely important, as they tend to be associated with acting styles or roles.


Actors who are given these names have to do their best to live up to their names, and can even go through around 3 names over a career. Kabuki theatres even host grand naming ceremonies, or Shumei (襲名) in front of a live audience to show their passage into a new stage of their Kabuki careers.


You can find Kabuki shows being played all around Tokyo, so why not check one out? It’s definitely an experience you won’t forget.


​​Tokyo Tower

(Image credit: TOKYO TOWER)


When one thinks of Japan, one thinks of the Tokyo Tower (東京タワー). Once the tallest structure in Japan, Tokyo Tower provides spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline from its observation deck, and is a must-visit for first time travellers to Japan. 


The first thing to see at the tower is the main deck, located 150 metres high. There, a nice souvenir shop and cafe are open for any guests, letting you have a nice coffee and bring some gifts back for any friends who were scared to go that high. Furthermore, there is the “Skywalk Window,” a glass floor where you can experience the thrill of peeking 150 metres down!


For those who want to get a little higher, the top deck is another 100 metres above the main deck, and this is where visitors can get beautiful views of Tokyo. On prime visibility, guests can even make out the snow-capped Mount Fuji in the distance. Don’t worry if you come in the evening, because the night view is just as spectacular.


As long as Tokyo Tower stands, it remains one of Tokyo’s most prominent landmarks, and is something that everyone should check off their visiting list!


Discover your Tokyo at Tokyo Matsuri Fair @ JAPAN RAIL CAFE

There’s plenty more places to see and things to do in Tokyo, but we hope that our little list above has managed to convince you to visit this dynamic city when you have the chance. If you still need a little bit more convincing, why not head down to the Tokyo Matsuri Fair at JAPAN RAIL CAFE? Happening from 1–15 September 2022, find out more about Tokyo’s exciting attractions and bring some goodies home while you’re at it. You can also participate in a Lantern Workshop held on 3 September, limited to the first 30 sign-ups only. See you!


This article is contributed by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau. Tokyo Tourism Representative, Singapore Office.


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