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A toast to sustainability from Singapore to Japan: CRUST Pilsner Beer

A toast to sustainability from Singapore to Japan: CRUST Pilsner Beer

From Singapore to Japan

CRUST Group got its start as a FoodTech innovator in Singapore in 2019. Recognising the immense amount of food wasted across the globe annually (approximately 1.3 billion tonnes) as well as the associated economic and environmental impact this loss entails ($750 billion in economic value and 8% of global GHG emissions, respectively), CRUST set out on a mission to reduce global food loss by 1% by 2030. 


Surplus bread being transformed into beer. (Image credit: Crust Group)


To achieve this milestone, the company works to upcycle food waste and loss into beverages and other products for their food service and retail partners. With their CRUST line of sustainable, artisan craft beers and CROP brand of health-focused, non-alcoholic beverages, they are working to combat the twin challenges of food waste and climate change. Looking beyond Singapore, CRUST Group has established CRUST Japan to take the lead in East Asia and continue the fight for a more sustainable world as the next step in their venture.



In Japan, 19 million tonnes of food are wasted annually—9 million of which are still fit for consumption. With an annual value of approximately ¥11 trillion in total food loss, Japan is one of the unfortunate leaders of food waste in Asia. Mobilised by these numbers, FoodTech startup CRUST Japan KK is on a mission to reduce Japan’s food loss by upcycling edible but otherwise wasted bread and rice to create tasty and sustainable craft beers. Other non-alcoholic drinks are also being made using fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, cacao husks, and more. 


A freshly-poured glass of CRUST Beer. (Image credit: Crust Group)


CRUST Japan has partnered with various food and beverage manufacturers to repurpose food waste destined for the rubbish bin into high-value products that meet the demands of the modern consumer. And for their inaugural launch into the Japanese beverage market, CRUST Japan has just released CRUST Pilsner, its first sustainable beer made from surplus ingredients.


CRUST Pilsner

CRUST Pilsner, CRUST Japan’s first beer release. (Image credit: Crust Group)


Starting 4 March, 2021, everyone in Japan can now enjoy the first-ever locally-produced CRUST Pilsner made from surplus bread by placing an order via Makuake. This is a pivotal moment as the company opens a new chapter in Japan to fight food waste and loss and do its part to mitigate climate change. With the release of this beer, they are hoping to gather support for their journey towards "net-zero" GHG emissions as well as to attract attention to more exciting and sustainable products scheduled for release in the near future. CRUST Pilsner marks a giant leap for the company in its battle against food waste and climate change and showcases the creative repurposing of surplus food into new and innovative products.


Towards a greener future

Say “Kanpai” with CRUST. (Image credit: Crust Group)


With CRUST Pilsner out on the market, CRUST Japan is looking to expand its lineup of artisan beers with new additions to its product portfolio scheduled for sale in the coming months. The company also plans to launch its health-focused, non-alcoholic brand of CROP drinks in the near future for those interested in supporting the cause, while boosting their immunity in the process. With all this and more in the works, CRUST Group’s unique, cross-cultural venture between Singapore and Japan is shaping up to transform people’s relationship with food and waste throughout the Asian region. 


About CRUST Japan KK

CRUST is a passionate food loss fighter driving the upcycled food movement. Founded on their belief in realising a more circular economy, the company upcycles food waste and loss into beverages and other products for their food service and retail partners. Surplus ingredients like bread and waste like fruit peels are reincarnated into unique products like CRUST beers and CROP non-alcoholic beverages. At CRUST, they aim to empower businesses in food service and retail to upcycle their food waste and loss into high-value products. They make sure to leave no CRUST behind, and they hope you won’t either.


Join them on their mission to reduce global food loss by 1% by 2030! #saveacrust


Find out more about CRUST JAPAN here


Header image credit: CRUST Group


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