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JR News: ‘World’s Fastest Art Gallery’ GENBI SHINKANSEN to retire in late 2020

JR News: ‘World’s Fastest Art Gallery’ GENBI SHINKANSEN to retire in late 2020

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) has just announced that the GENBI SHINKANSEN (現美新幹線), dubbed the "World’s Fastest Art Gallery", will retire in December 2020 after almost 5 years of operation.


Running between JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station and JR Niigata Station along the Jо̄etsu Shinkansen Line in Niigata Prefecture, this unique bullet train features modern artwork by contemporary Japanese artists both inside and outside the train.


Artwork on the GENBI SHINKANSEN. (Image credit: JR East / Carissa Loh)


The GENBI SHINKANSEN is one of only two Joyful Trains (themed concept trains) that are bullet trains. The other, the Toreiyu Tsubasa, plies the Yamagata Shinkansen Line between JR Fukushima Station and JR Shinjо̄ Station.


After suspending operations for 3 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the GENBI SHINKANSEN is scheduled to resume operations on 1 August 2020, running three times a day per direction on mostly Saturdays and Sundays. The timetable and operation dates can be viewed here (English) or here (Japanese).


A “Last Run” farewell event is currently being planned for late December. More information will be released once the details are confirmed.



Header image credit: JR East


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