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JR East launches JAPAN RAIL CLUB for the avid Japan traveller

JR East launches JAPAN RAIL CLUB for the avid Japan traveller

Singapore, December 2022 – Amid the excitement following the ease of travel restrictions to Japan after two years, Japanese railway operator East Japan Railway Company (JR East) has launched a new membership service called JAPAN RAIL CLUB. In a bid to revitalise inbound tourism, this community-based membership service aims to connect fans from Singapore with the locals in Japan while discovering various regional attractions. Members will also remain connected with each other throughout all phases of their trips to Japan—particularly before and after their trips.


Membership Subscription & Services

The membership service is divided into three tiers; a free tier, and two paid subscription tiers—“BASIC” and “PREMIUM” tiers at $18/month and $58/month respectively. Individuals who sign up for the free tier will receive monthly EDM updates on news and promotions regarding JAPAN RAIL CLUB, as well as JR East’s other businesses and services outside of Japan, such as JAPAN RAIL CAFE and JR Times. Paying members will be part of an online community where they will be able to interact with other like-minded Japan lovers. In addition, members can also participate in various services and enjoy certain perks and benefits available based on their respective tiers:- 


1. Travel Communicator Service

Available for BASIC and PREMIUM members only 

An unlimited service where members get to seek travel advice and rail pass recommendations through casual conversations with our friendly Japan-travel experts at JAPAN RAIL CAFE, located within the heart of Singapore at Tanjong Pagar. This service aims to make itinerary-planning, especially via rail travel, amongst free-independent travellers more enjoyable and fuss-free. Non-JR CLUB members can also enjoy this service with a minimum purchase of a drink at the cafe. 


2. Online Community

Available for BASIC and PREMIUM members only

An online community in the form of a closed Facebook group for members to discuss and share more about their past experiences or upcoming plans for Japan, based on mutual interests such as food, rail travel, history, art, shopping, nature, and many more. This group will be moderated by JR East’s designated administrative team and Travel Communicators on duty, who will assist in answering queries related to Japan. Exclusive content and promotional updates will also be available.


3. Promotions (Hotels, JAPAN RAIL CAFE, etc.)

Available for BASIC and PREMIUM members only 

“BASIC” tier members will also be entitled to discounts at JAPAN RAIL CAFE in Singapore. Priority access to book special promotion rooms at various participating hotels within the JR Hotel Group in Japan will be available for “PREMIUM” tier members.


4. Exclusive online and in-person tours in and outside of Japan

Available for PREMIUM members only

As a starting point for selecting the next destination in Japan, online tours and events will be available for members to get more in-depth information on various parts of Japan, primarily within Eastern Japan.


  • Upcoming online tours (TBC)
    • February 2023: Area around Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture
    • February 2023: Area around Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture
    • March 2023: Area around Takahata Town, Yamagata Prefecture


Members will receive access to exclusive tour packages, which they can book when they visit Japan. These tours can only be experienced in-person in Japan, and will be organised by the likes of JR East staff and locals while exploring various regional sightseeing spots, hotels, ekinaka (shops and facilities that are usually found inside train stations), and station buildings. Members also get priority engagement, and thereafter forge a bond, with fellow staff members within JR East as well as with the local people in Japan.


  • Upcoming tours (TBC)
    • January 2023: A tour around Morioka City with Hotel Metropolitan Morioka employees @ Iwate Prefecture 
    • February 2023: A tour around Arahama District with Hotel Metropolitan Sendai employees @ Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
    • Spring 2023: A tour along the entire Okutama Railway Line to experience unexplored regions with local people @ Okutama, Western Tokyo


5. Omiyage Box

Available for PREMIUM members only

A monthly subscription box of local delicious treats and goodies from different regions of Japan, based on a monthly theme. Background information of the products will also be made available in the form of a pamphlet included in the box, as well as on JAPAN RAIL CAFE’s website. 


Members who sign up in the month of December 2022 can use the promo code JRCNEW12 at the checkout to get $5 off their first subscription of the “PREMIUM” plan. 


Alongside JAPAN RAIL CLUB, JR East has been implementing measures that allow for a smoother integration of all three of its core businesses in response to the increasing demand of Japan’s inbound tourism since June 2022: transport services, lifestyle business services, and IT & SUICA services. 


– END –

Note to editor: All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars.

Name of service: JAPAN RAIL CLUB
Operator: East Japan Railway Company
Start date: December 2022
Website: https://www.japanrailclub.com
Hashtags: #japanrailclub

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