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JAPAN RAIL CAFE toasts to Jibiru Time!

JAPAN RAIL CAFE toasts to Jibiru Time!

Jibiru (地ビール Jibīru) means ‘local beer’ in Japanese


Singapore, August 2021 – It is time to raise a beer glass (or bottle) to JAPAN RAIL CAFE’s latest thirst-quenching six-week long promotion that promises a craft-y experience of top quality beers, some of which are new to Singapore! Jibiru Time!, to be held from 19 August to 30 September 2021, will also take place at two other JAPAN RAIL CAFE outlets in Taipei and Tokyo – a first-ever international collaboration for the brand. 


Aficionados will be thrilled with the introduction of craft beers from four participating beer companies. Kanazawa Brewery and YOKOHAMA BEER will make their first appearance in Singapore. Customers will also enjoy first dibs of the small-batch Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Beer IPA from WAKU WAKU TEZUKURI FARM KAWAKITA, along with signature beers from KAMAKURA BEER BREWING COMPANY. Popular brands Hitachino Nest, which is the café’s in-house craft beer, ORION DRAFT BEER, and COEDO BREWERY are also available. 


To encourage one and all to come by the centrally-located café to get to know these fine beers, attractive deals are available for dine-in (1-for-1 for all alcohol) and retail purchases (20% discount for purchase of 3 bottles, discount applicable for sets of 3) for the promotion period. All craft beers and alcohol are priced at $15 nett each.


In addition, the public can look forward to Jibiru Night on 20 August 2021 at 7pm, a live webinar conducted by Japan-based beer specialist Fujiwara Hiroyuki who will share his vast knowledge on Japanese craft beer. Registration is via Facebook and it is free for all to participate. 


Elaborates Hayashi Hiroyuki, Director of Lifestyle Businesses in East Japan Railway Company Singapore Branch (JR East Singapore), which operates JAPAN RAIL CAFE: “We are delighted to launch Jibiru Time! – a jubilant showcase of the best craft beer that Japan has to offer – in three cities. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity for all to know more about the amazing breweries and beers that we have.”

Note: The duration and featured promotions of Jibiru Time! will differ in each city.


Jibiru Time! Highlights 

*indicates new to Singapore

Jibiru Time! Craft Beer Selection.jpg (323 KB)


*Kanazawa Brewery
Ishikawa Prefecture  

Established in spring of 2016, Kanazawa Brewery began in a small house in Kanazawa City, and has grown to be the producer of high quality local beer that is loved in Kanazawa, a place where tradition and innovation are interwoven. Despite being a small brewery, its meticulous production process – including the use of home-grown beer yeast – produces a beer that is undoubtedly top quality. In addition to its rich aroma and deep flavour, it is packaged in a distinctly Kanazawa way.


Virgin Ale.jpg (30 KB)

*Kanazawa Beer Virgin Ale
5% ABV, 330ml 
The fruity aroma of the fresh ale yeast and richness from the malt and hops give this beer its rich flavour. This is the brewery’s first beer and is excellent with sushi.


Kanazawa Brewery_Gold Bach.jpg (24 KB)

*Kanazawa Beer Gold Bach
6% ABV, 330ml
The only lager produced at the brewery, this beer maintains the refreshing and rich taste of lager with a tinge of sweetness, and goes well with milder meat dishes.


GingerLiqour.jpg (33 KB)

3% ABV, 330ml 
A gluten-free carbonated alcohol that tastes similar to ginger ale. Made with rice sugar instead of malt (which contains gluten), it is a light beer that is refreshingly ginger-scented and complements spicy food as well as dessert.


Ishikawa Prefecture

Crafted by WAKU WAKU TEZUKURI FARM KAWAKITA, Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Beer is made by brewers who swear by their motto that “beer making starts from barley making”, hence they devote their heart and soul into growing the best barley. 


Kanazawa Hyakumangoku_IPA.jpg (83 KB)

*Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Beer IPA
7% ABV, 330ml, IBU: 70
Made using twice as much malt and hops compared to regular beer, the dark-coloured Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Beer IPA has a citrusy and pine aroma. The balance between the 4 types of hops – citra, cascade, centennial, and columbo – makes this beer easy to drink. 

This beer works well with spicy food, strong-tasting meat, and coconut milk-based dishes.


Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Beer Koshihikari Ale
5% ABV, 330ml
Locally grown Koshihikari rice is used to produce this light and refreshing beer that is tinged with the rice flavour. Extremely versatile, it goes well with sushi, white meats as well as fried food.


Kanagawa Prefecture

Since its debut in 1999, YOKOHAMA BEER has won multiple awards in both local and international craft beer competitions, and continuously collaborates with regional producers to incorporate local ingredients in its brews.


Yokohama Lager.png (63 KB)

*Yokohama Lager
5% ABV, 330ml, IBU: 45
The brand’s signature beer with bitter and hoppy characteristics is excellent with meat dishes and fried food. 


Weizen.png (59 KB)

*Yokohama Beer HefeWeizen
5.5% ABV, 330ml, IBU: 8
A fruity aroma that resembles bananas, this multi-award-winning beer is popular with people who enjoy a light and refreshing drink.


Kanagawa Prefecture 

KAMAKURA BEER BREWING COMPANY was founded in 1997 as Kamakura City’s very first beer producer, and soon after produced its first and exclusive local Kamakura Beer in 1998. 


Daibutsu Beer Yukari (Angle 1).jpg (48 KB)

5.5% ABV, 330ml
The statue commonly known as Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha of Kamakura), a colossal copper image of Amitabha Buddha, is the famous icon of the Kotoku-in Temple in the city of Kamakura. This is a beer that pays homage to the Great Buddha. This beer is golden-yellow with a frothy white head. Its citrusy hop aromas and bitter finish make it a refreshing choice while enjoying sushi, sashimi, seafood, and camembert.


Kiuchi Brewery Inc.: Hitachino Nest 
Ibaraki Prefecture 

Also available are DAi DAi Ale brewed with fukuremikan orange and special hops; White Ale brewed with wheat ale and flavoured with coriander, orange peel, and nutmeg; Nipponia, brewed using Japanese barley and hop; as well as Saison du Japon, brewed with local wheat and koji (malted rice). 


Okinawa Prefecture

ORION DRAFT BEER offers a mild flavour and crisp aftertaste that is distinct to the tropical climate of Okinawa. Its creamy rich foam makes it pair well with Japanese food, especially local Okinawan cuisine.


Summer Menu Special! 

Available in August are seasonal dishes Hiyashi Chuka (cold ramen) and kakigori (shaved ice dessert), and fun retail items of summer dagashi (snacks). 


Jibiru Time! by JAPAN RAIL CAFE
Celebrating Japanese craft beer and unveiling new-to-singapore brands

19 August to 30 September 2021


Event details:

Jibiru Time!
Date: 19 August to 30 September 2021
Venue: 5 Wallich St, #01-20 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078883


Header image credit: JR East


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