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JR News: JR Group awaits your next visit to Japan

JR News: JR Group awaits your next visit to Japan

The six Japan Railways (JR) Group companies have come together to create a video featuring some beautiful scenery from all over Japan that you can experience on train travels. 



Featuring places like Shirogane Pond in Hokkaido, Yutoku Inari Shrine in Kyushu, Nihondaira in Shizuoka, Himeji Castle in Kansai and more, the video offers a glimpse of some of the marvellous sights around Japan that you can look forward to on your next visit.


While travelling to Japan remains restricted for most countries like Singapore, we're sure that many of you are eagerly waiting to travel to Japan again. Our JR trains will be waiting in Japan to bring you on your next adventure!


Online sales of Japan Rail Pass

For easy travel around Japan, the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is no doubt one of the most economical and convenient passes available for foreign visitors. The JR Pass is a discounted travel pass allowing for unlimited travel on JR rail lines all over Japan for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days, including bullet trains and limited express trains to/from major airports.


How to use the Japan Rail Pass purchased online. (Image credit: JR Group)


A new version of the nationwide Japan Rail Pass, offered jointly by the six JR Group companies, can now be purchased online directly at japanrailpass-reservation.net/.    


When purchasing passes from this website, buyers will be eligible to make seat reservations online in advance. Passes purchased online via this website will also allow holders to utilize the automatic ticket gates, instead of the manned ticket gates as required by previous versions of the pass.


Check this article for more information on this pass.


Header image credit: Kimitsu City / JR Group


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