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JR-West Hotels adopts new hygiene standards to battle Covid-19

JR-West Hotels adopts new hygiene standards to battle Covid-19

JR-West Hotels operates hotels across Western Japan, such as Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Nara. Their hotels are well known for its convenient location, being either connected to the JR train stations or located nearby.


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In light of the COVID-19 situation, JR-West Hotels has introduced a new “Clean & Safety” hygiene standards to ensure the health and safety of all customers and employees. This framework includes 12 new practices adopted by the hotel group, including compulsory mask wearing for all staff, the launch of an online crowd-monitoring service for its breakfast restaurants, as well as encouraging cashless payment systems across the board.


Temperature and masks policy

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Customers are advised to avoid visiting the hotels if they are showing cold symptoms such as coughing or having high body temperatures above 37.5°C. Entry will be denied to those with temperatures above 37.5°C, as well as those showing flu symptoms or poor health.


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The hotel group will also take the body temperatures of all guests staying overnight. In addition, guests will be asked to share about the route they took to the hotel, be it domestic or overseas locations, upon check-in. Those with a temperature above 37.5°C are advised to remain in their rooms and get timely checkups from medical institutions. 


Besides the hotels’ main entrances, temperature checks will be conducted at the entrances of restaurants and event venues as well. JR West Hotels has also implemented a compulsory mask policy for all staff and guests.


Hygiene, cleaning, and sanitization 

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To maintain good hygiene standards, the hotel group has made alcohol-based disinfectant available at various sites around their hotels, including lobbies, restaurants, elevator halls, event venues, and restrooms. Guests are encouraged to sterilise their hands and observe frequent hand-washing by rinsing with soap.



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The hotel group has identified high-touch points in common areas, guest rooms, and shared facilities to implement regular cleaning and sterilisation of such places. This includes elevator buttons, escalator handrails, doorknobs, remote controls for TVs and air conditioners, and even shower handles and hairdryers provided in guest rooms.


Crowd management system 

JR-West Hotels has launched a new service that allows guests to check the seating availability of its breakfast restaurants online before dining. Restaurant seating availability can be checked using the in-room tablet at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, the in-room video-on-demand system at its Hotel Vischio branches. 


Room service and cashless payment

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JR-West Hotels has adopted a contactless room service system, whereby its staff will leave the food cart outside the room and ring the bell to notify customers. Additionally, all guests are encouraged to use cashless payment at the front desk and restaurants. To reduce contact, cash trays will be used instead of handing money to customers directly by hand.


More details on the “Clean & Safety” framework can be found here.

JR-West Hotel official homepage.


Header image credit: JR-West Hotels

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