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KINOKUNIYA’s popular pop-up returns to Singapore at Isetan Scotts

KINOKUNIYA’s popular pop-up returns to Singapore at Isetan Scotts

Hungry for a taste of Japan? The extremely popular KINOKUNIYA (紀ノ国屋) pop-up store is back in town at full power at Isetan Scotts! With travel to Japan currently off the cards, KINOKUNIYA is delivering both flavour and flair to our sunny shores, with both new and popular items on showcase at this year’s pop-up store starting from Friday, 13 May.   


Featuring nearly 180 products—and close to 150 brand new items appearing in Singapore for the first time, this year's pop-up store will be extended for a total of three months. Beyond limited-time products on offer and a limited sale, fans of KINOKUNIYA can also look forward to a number of special gifts*, stamp cards, and other events for a more enjoyable shopping experience.   


Some of the delectable highlights include the well-received Strawberry Butter Jam and Premium Truffle Soy Sauce from last year, as well the all-new Cheesecake-flavoured Rusk available in plain or chocolate flavour: 


NEW products—first time in Singapore!

(Image credit: JAPAN RAIL CAFE)


Cheesecake-flavoured Rusks (Plain/Chocolate) ($10.90/each)
A light, flavorful rusk baked with cheesecake featuring Edam and Parmesan cheese, comes in plain and Belgian couverture chocolate.


Pasta sauce (peperoncino lemon & olive, peperoncino garlic soy sauce, spicy cod roe) and fresh pasta noodles (spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine). (Image credit: JAPAN RAIL CAFE)


Pasta Sauce ($8.90/each)
Hearty sauces to go with your favourite pasta, available in delicious Mentaiko, Soy Garlic, and Lemon Olive flavours. Enjoy this as a set when you pick up some fresh pasta noodles at the pop-up! 


Barbecued Meat Sauce ($13.90)
Made with Shinshu apples and Japanese pears in a soy sauce base, this fruity sauce is the perfect complement for barbecued meat.


Slider Zipper Bag (5 sizes) ($2.90 each)
These easy to open and close slider zipper bags feature a gusseted bottom that allows for upright storage. Store a variety of foods in these bags, which can be refrigerated, frozen, or even microwave-defrosted. Recommended as small gifts or accessory containers. 


Popular best-sellers

Premium Truffle Soy Sauce ($21.90)
A decadent blend of white olive oil, French black truffles and Japanese soy sauce, it’s no wonder this was a big hit last year. Winner of the International Taste Institute’s 2022 2-Star Award for Excellence in Taste, don’t miss out on this premium sauce—a whopping 220,000 bottles were sold last year—as it makes its reappearance at this year’s event.


Strawberry Butter Jam ($14.90)
The bestselling Strawberry Butter Jam series is back with new flavours on offer this year. Made from Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture, the jam is best enjoyed with lightly toasted bread or pancakes.



Exclusive gifts available on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last. (Image credit: EJRT ASIA Singapore)


Enjoy exclusive gifts and promotions when you shop at KINOKUNIYA, including a free foldable eco-bag featuring an exclusive KINOKUNIYA Singapore logo with any purchase of KINOKUNIYA products*. With three colours in total, pick up the eco-bag in a new colour each month! Spend $20 or more on KINOKUNIYA purchases in a single receipt to redeem a stamp on the KINOKUNIYA Stamp Card. Only one stamp to be redeemed per day; collect three stamps to participate in KINOKUNIYA’s lucky draw and win amazing prizes!

For more details, availability and prizes, follow KINOKUNIYA on social media or find out more in-store.

Visit the KINOKUNIYA Pop-Up Series in Singapore at Isetan Scotts, basement supermarket (back of the produce section), from 13 May to 4 August, 2022. 



Flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo. (Image credit: KINOKUNIYA Co., Ltd.)


Established 112 years ago in 1910 as a fruit merchant in Aoyama, Tokyo, KINOKUNIYA is a long established brand that has paved the way for the history of supermarkets in Japan. In 1953, the company opened Japan's first self-service supermarket, modelled after supermarkets in the United States.  


This innovative company has always taken on new challenges, such as air-freighting French cheese, which was difficult to obtain at the time, being the first to import lamb from New Zealand, learning how to produce processed meats and rare European breads, and taking the initiative in cultivating  high-quality ingredients. Their passion and dedication have thus earned the trust of customers who are particular about food. Many of these efforts have changed the landscape of daily life in Japan. 


Today, in addition to the main store in Aoyama, Tokyo, KINOKUNIYA has a total of 34 stores, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. These include stores inside train stations which mainly retail ready-to-eat foods and specialty bakeries. 


In the future, KINOKUNIYA will continue to deliver delicious foods, joy, and excitement to the tables of families by offering a full lineup of products from Japan and overseas. These include fresh foods, products developed with partner companies, and specialty breads, baked goods, delicatessens that have been well loved by consumers over many years.


*All information presented here are accurate as of 10 May 2022.


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