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Walk through a “Sea of Clouds” in HOTEL CHINZANSO TOKYO

Walk through a “Sea of Clouds” in HOTEL CHINZANSO TOKYO

A “sea of clouds”, otherwise known as unkai (雲海) in Japanese, is a natural phenomenon that can be only witnessed from high altitudes. This October, visitors can experience this mystical unkai in Tokyo without needing to hike up a mountain. Welcome to the “Tokyo Sea of Clouds”—a beautiful and mysterious special event hosted by HOTEL CHINZANSO TOKYO (ホテル椿山荘東京).


HOTEL CHINZANSO TOKYO. (Image credit: Guilhem Vellut / CC BY 2.0)


This special event takes place in the hotel’s famous traditional Japanese garden that is a popular spot for weddings, celebrations, and private events. HOTEL CHINZANSO TOKYO has succeeded in recreating the sea of clouds by using fine mist in place of real clouds, right in the heart of Tokyo. 


HOTEL CHINZANSO TOKYO’s famous Japanese garden. (Image credit: Norika)


As one steps out into the enchanting mist, it’s easy to lose yourself as though you’re walking in a dream. Once the mist clears up, you will be treated to an entirely different view—the serene garden view that resembles a traditional Japanese painting is simply astonishing.

To fully soak in and enjoy the atmosphere, consider booking a hotel room to enjoy the stunning garden views at any time of the day.


Garden view from the hotel (Image credit: Norika)


At night, not only can you experience the Sea of Clouds but also a dreamy illumination in the garden. At this time, the garden light effects have been updated for the first time since they started this illumination in 2008. As the sun goes down, 1,000 LED bulbs start to light up gradually.  Seeing the view of an illuminated three-story pagoda and waterfall will make you feel relaxed and emotional. You can enjoy a gorgeous night garden view combined with the beauty of nature.


(Image credit: Norika)


No matter the time you visit the garden, you’re bound to experience different facades of the garden in your next visit to HOTEL CHINZANSO TOKYO.


Address: 2 10-8 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-shi, Tokyo 112-8680
Nearest station: Edogawabashi Station (江戸川駅)
Opening hours: 06:0023:30 (Please refer to the schedule for “Sea of Clouds” here)
Admission fee: Free (Due to COVID-19, admission is strictly limited to HOTEL CHINZANSOU TOKYO patrons only)
Tel: +81-3-3943-1111


Header image credit: Norika


Writer’s profile: I’m Norika, a student from Rikkyo University in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. I’ve grown up and lived in Saitama, the prefecture near Tokyo. This is my second time to join here as an intern. Traveling across Japan is one of my favorite things to do and I’m more than  happy to share my recommendations and experiences in Japan.


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