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Let’s visit: The Doraemon Exhibition Singapore 2022 (5 November 2022 – 5 February 2023)

Let’s visit: The Doraemon Exhibition Singapore 2022 (5 November 2022 – 5 February 2023)

SINGAPORE — Doraemon used his anywhere door and has now arrived on the shores of Singapore. First held in 2002 in Japan, The Doraemon Exhibition made its overseas debut at the National Museum of Singapore on 5 November 2022. Happening until 5 February 2023, the exhibition showcases Doraemon through the lens of 28 leading contemporary Japanese artists and art groups with their various artworks on display responding to the theme of “Create Your Own Original Doraemon”. 


The exhibition is divided into three different sections—each section featuring distinctive artworks that capture the artists’ memories of Doraemon and their take on Japan’s beloved icon. 


(Image credit: MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro)


Right next to the ticketing counter, visitors can chance upon the first section located just behind the blue door: MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition. Upon entering the blue door, visitors are greeted by a selection of the Fujiko F Fujio Museum’s prized drawings and sketches in a rare feature titled “MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition”, specially showcased for the first time outside of Japan. 


(Image credit: MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro)


A wide variety of prized drawings and sketches—even original drawings which were hand-painted by Fujiko F Fujio himself are available for viewing. Visitors here are encouraged to take their time to appreciate the details that cannot be reproduced and to experience the beauty of the work. Visitors can even snap a photo at the photo spot “The Desk where Doraemon was Drawn” to feel what it was like when the creator was in the process of drawing his famous works. 




The other two sections are located in the Basement Gallery. Upon arrival, visitors will chance upon two artworks by Singaporean artists Jahan Loh and Leslie Kee are also exclusively presented as part of this showcase.




Stepping into the galleries, visitors will get to enjoy the various depictions and adaptations of Doraemon by the respective artists. Famed artists such as Murakami Takashi and Masuda Sebastian showcase their masterpieces in this exhibition, and it presents a diverse mix of ideas and techniques that include paintings, sculptures, graphics and photography.


(Image credit: 1970-2022 Fujiko Pro)


After enjoying the exhibition, visitors can stop by the Doraemon-themed pop-up cafe. This cafe is a collaboration with Toraya (とらや), a well-known wagashi (和菓子 traditional Japanese sweets) maker. There is also a shop filled with exclusive Doraemon-themed merchandise and collectables, including bags, glasses, and stationery. Come revisit your memories of Doraemon and create new ones as well, and be inspired by the unlimited possibilities of the iconic character.


If you’re a fan of Doraemon living in Singapore, this is an exhibition that shouldn’t be missed. Plus, an exciting collaboration with JAPAN RAIL CAFE will be held in December so keep your eyes peeled (and your anywhere door open)!


The Doraemon Exhibition Singapore 2022 @ National Museum of Singapore
Dates: 5 November 2022–5 February 2023
Address: 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897
Opening hours: 10am–7pm (Last admission is at 6.30pm)
Admission: S$30 (Adults), S$25 (Under 18 years old), Free for children under 6 years old


Header image credit: MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition ©Fujiko-Pro, 1970-2022 Fujiko Pro and THE DORAEMON EXHIBITION SINGAPORE 2022 ©Fujiko-Pro


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