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The Japan Rail Fair: Taking a virtual trip to Japan, for real

The Japan Rail Fair: Taking a virtual trip to Japan, for real

This November, JAPAN RAIL CAFE is proud to present The Japan Rail Fair – A Virtual Trip to Japan, organised for the first time and a welcome addition to one’s calendar in lieu of travelling. Taking place online via jrtimes.sg/tjrf2020 and its Facebook Page over two weekends, the fair will be chock-a-block with free and ticketed live programs that feature a wonderful showcase of rail travel, food, and culture in Japan. Updates are available on its microsite and Facebook Event Page, and tickets available via Peatix


Working together with sponsors from the Japan Railway Group, various prefectural governments as well as travel partners, and supported by Visit Japan Now – Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) Singapore Office, The Japan Rail Fair will bring all on a virtual, but no less fun-filled trip to Japan—complete with experiential live programs that include food and alcohol delivery! All ticketed programs can also be attended for free without food and beverage add-ons. 


In addition, there will also be a free Online Travel Booth where visitors can speak with travel experts to plan for their next (real) trip when possible. A grand lucky draw with attractive prizes will take place at the end of the fair. Visitors are encouraged to tune in and participate in as many live programs and travel booths as they can to increase their chances of winning prizes like JR East Passes as well as return flight tickets to Tokyo by Japan Airlines (JAL).



More info: jrtimes.sg/tjrf2020 


Day 1: 20 November, Friday 

Experience Ehime while staying at home ♪

7pm-8pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Ehime Prefecture)


Famed for hot spring resorts, a beautiful castle overlooking the main city, and a world-class cycling route by the sea, this prefecture on the northwest of Shikoku Island is simply too charming to resist. All questions are welcome during this webinar.


Japan’s Best-Kept Secret Volume 1 – Shochu Flavour Basics

9pm-10pm, ticketed via Zoom, $40 per person, includes delivery

(Image credit: Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association)


This first-ever online shochu workshop organised by the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association (JSS) conducted by certified Shochu sommelier, Christopher Pellegrini, a leading expert on Shochu and awamori, is accompanied by sampling sets delivered in advance for Singapore-based attendees! 


Day 2: 21 November, Saturday 

Enjoy autumn rail travel with ekiben!

11am to 12pm, ticketed via Zoom, $19 per person, includes delivery


(Image credit: JR East)


For those who miss idyllic train rides, this informative webinar is when one can sit back and relax while JR East leads an autumn journey to Eastern Japan, complete with adorable *ekiben (lunch box to eat on the train) and JR East train memorabilia delivered to one’s home in advance! Travellers can look forward to learning more about ekiben culture, JR East’s distinctive themed Joyful Train line up, as well as autumn sightseeing spots and activities. A second session will take place on 28 November, Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.*One E6 Komachi Bento (Beef) and one E7 Kagayaki Bento (Salmon and Ikura) 


Shizuoka: Green Tea and Autumn Leaves

1pm to 2pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Home of Mt. FUJI, SHIZUOKA)


Take a trip with us to Gyokuro no Sato, an authentic tea house located in the countryside of Shizuoka Prefecture. Learn more about the culture and history surrounding tea while enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves.


Tokyo Station: The “0 km” trip

3pm to 4pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: JR East Hotels)


This virtual “0 km” trip will start from Tokyo Station, where all Shinkansen lines originate! One is invited to hop onboard and be fully immersed in Japan’s unique “rail travel culture” at one of the most important stations in Japan: from omiyage-shopping in Gransta Tokyo, an ekiben introduction by JAPAN RAIL CAFE TOKYO, and a tour into the majestic Tokyo Station Hotel. Special guest, Ghib Ojisan, will be introducing some yummy Tokyo Station souvenirs as well!


地獄蒸し: Cooking with Steam at Beppu Onsen

5pm to 6pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Beppu B-biz LINK)


Explore Japan’s number one hot spring and "taste" great umami from their specialty! While Beppu is well-known as the best place for onsen in Japan, you'll learn that the hot spring is not just for bathing. Join us in this virtual trip with our Singaporean host who is based in Beppu, and eexperience how the natives use this famous hot spring. You'll also receive a dashi packet as a souvenir after the trip—can you guess why?


Japan’s Best-Kept Secret Volume 2 – Awamori and Shochu Flavour Basics 

7pm to 8pm, ticketed via Zoom, $45 per person, includes delivery 

(Image credit: Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association)


In this second volume, certified Shochu sommelier, Mr Christopher Pellegrini, is back to give us professional insights on Japanese Awamori and Shochu. Register early to get a shochu sampling set delivered to you in advance (Singapore-based attendees only). Sample and learn about shochu from the comfort of your homes, and then travel to Japan in the future to experience more Shochu for yourself!


Day 3: 22 November, Sunday 


11am to 12pm, free via Facebook Live 

(Image credit: Hokkaido Prefecture)


Have you been to Hokkaido before? Join us in this webinar to learn of all the wonders that Hokkaido has to offer: the vast lands of beautiful scenery, sightseeing spots, delicious food and many more! Here's your chance to "experience" Hokkaido as we take you on a live broadcast directly from Hokkaido—see you there!


Discovering Umaji Village's Yuzu: A virtual tour to Kochi's best kept secret! 

11am to 12pm, free via Facebook Live 

(Image credit: Kochi Prefecture)


What's the secret behind the famous Kochi Yuzu? Take a trip to Umaji Village, Kochi Prefecture, where 50% of Japan's Yuzu is produced! As November is the best season for Yuzu, take this chance to meet the local guides, go on farm tours, and discover why their Yuzu is so unique.


Ritsurin Garden Light-Up – Livestream from KAGAWA 

5pm to 6pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Kagawa Prefecture)


Enjoy the fall colours like never before at Ritsurin Garden, one of Kagawa Prefecture’s top attractions. The garden’s nighttime light-ups, put on twice a year for the autumn foliage and spring cherry blossoms, transports you to a fantastic world unlike anything seen in daytime. Join us to see the live streaming of this year’s autumn light-up— the incredible fall scenery wrapped in colour and light, with your own eyes.


JR Stories: Rail Travel in Japan 

7pm to 8pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Rachell Tan)


This series of talks sees the JAPAN RAIL CAFE community sharing personal travel stories and news regarding rail travel in Japan, led by guest speakers Rachell Tan (@pxdkitty, above) and Travel Communicator Intern Norika from Rikkyo University, followed by a special food segment with speciality products brand nomono!


Day 4: 27 November, Friday

Enjoy an authentic farm stay in Akita!

9pm to 10pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Akita Inu Tourism)


Hosted by Akita Inu Tourism, this heartwarming webinar will introduce a truly unique experience into a local guest house, Sakekoshimai, where one will meet the adorable Mr Yamauchi and learn how to make Kiritanpo, a must-try local dish, but not before harvesting the rice for that dish!


Day 5: 28 November, Saturday

Full of Love: Furoshiki Gift Wrapping with Japan Airlines

3pm to 4pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Japan Airlines)


In the upcoming season of giving, inject an element of Japan into gifting and join Japan Airlines (JAL) cabin attendants as they show you how to wrap your presents using the age-old art of Furoshiki – the traditional Japanese technique of wrapping and transporting valuable items. Experience the warmth of Japanese hospitality as the cabin attendants take you through a step-by-step Furoshiki tutorial, while sharing with you the meaning of Omotenashi, travel tips and behind-the-scenes stories in the life of a cabin attendant on JAL. Be the first 30 to pre-register for this event to receive a free Furoshiki cloth, an exclusive gift from Japan Airlines.


Okinawa – Oasis of Japan 

5pm to 6pm, free via Facebook Live

(Image credit: Okinawa)


Say Haisai’ to the southernmost part of Japan where friendly people welcome all to enjoy the island’s pristine sea and untouched nature. Enjoy a traditional Sanshin live performance and join our guide for a virtual trip down Kokusai-dori Street in Okinawa!


The Japan Rail Fair by JAPAN RAIL CAFE
–A Virtual Trip to Japan–

20–22 & 27–28 November 2020

Event details:

The Japan Rail Fair 2020
Date: 20-22, 27-28 Nov 2020
Venue: jrtimes.sg/tjrf2020 and JAPAN RAIL CAFE's Facebook
Tickets: tjrf2020.peatix.com


Header image credit: JR East

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