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TJRF 2022: 6 booths look out for at The Japan Rail Fair (14–16 October)

TJRF 2022: 6 booths look out for at The Japan Rail Fair (14–16 October)

With the exciting announcement of Japan officially welcoming back visa-free individual travel, the third installment of The Japan Rail Fair 2022 (TJRF 2022) happening from 14 to 16 October is back on track to share more about travel in Japan! Held in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of Japan’s railway in 1872, an exciting line-up of seminars, stage programs, activities, and booths will be available for everyone to join in on the fun.


With so many things to check out in just three days, here are six booths to look out for when you head down to the event space at Urban Park, Guoco Tower, Singapore.


1. Seibu Group

(Image credit: Seibu Holdings)


The Seibu Group is a corporate group that owns a diverse range of businesses including transportation, hotel and leisure, and real estate, not only in Japan but also around the world by following the slogan "Smiles ahead". The Seibu Group owns railways, buses, hotels, ski resorts, and many other commercial facilities in Japan, being able to help you enjoy your trip in Japan.


(Image credit: Seibu Holdings)


Alongside the booth, a fascinating livestream “COME SEE SEIBU: Japanese architects meet SEIBU” will also introduce you to a trip in the Tokorozawa, Hanno, and Chichibu area to experience the unique local attractions such as the Seibu Amusement Park (西武園ゆうえんち Seibuen Yūenchi) while learning more about the latest Red Arrow Limited Express “Laview”, which was designed by famous Japanese architect Sejima Kazuyo. Also, there will be an introduction to the Izu and Kyoto areas, both considered golden routes belonging to the Seibu Group. 


Programme: COME SEE SEIBU: Japanese architects meet SEIBU 
Date: 16 October, Sunday
Time: 12pm to 1pm


2. ZEN-NOH International Asia

(Image credit: ZEN-NOH International Asia)


The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) is in charge of the marketing and supply business of the JA Group. It seeks to connect producers and consumers, revitalise production centers, and preserve society and the environment.


Head down to ZEN-NOH’s booth at TJRF 2022 as they will be selling "anpo" persimmons (アンポ), mikan daifuku, and dried sweet potatoes—all directly from Japan! If you haven't tried any yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You will definitely be surprised by the sweetness and freshness of the fruits!





Many may know Nissin as the company that introduced the world's first instant noodles. Today, they are still pursuing their original values for customers around the world, including their commitment to feeding hungry Singaporeans who love Nissin Cup Noodles and Chu Qian Yi Ding, and Myojo Bowl Noodles. At TJRF 2022, Nissin will be partnering with Kagome—Japan’s no. 1 vegetable and fruit juice company—to sell frozen pasta and delicious tomato juice. Visit their booth to sample the delicious goodies available.


4. Narita Dream Farm

(Image credit: Narita Dream Dairy Farm)


Making its debut in Singapore is Narita Dream Farm (成田ゆめ牧場 Narita Yume Bokujō) from Chiba Prefecture! This is the chance to try some of their famed one-of-a-kind ice cream and yoghurt made freshly on their farm. You can enjoy their dairy products made of milk that they are proud of as Narita Dream Farm. After sampling, be sure to visit the farm itself in Japan for the full experience!


5. Yamatsune Singapore



As a brand, YU•ITO appreciates the blessings of the earth, such as organic cotton, silk, linen, and wool. They put their hearts into making your favorite knit items that can last you a long time. At their booth, check out their five-toed socks that help prevent and improve conditions such as bunions, flat feet, and bent toes. The socks also help to improve your posture by adjusting your toe balance. These socks are not only functionable but also come in a wide range of colours and designs for your choosing.


6. Kyoto by the Sea

(Image credit: Kyoto by the Sea)


Planning to visit Western Japan? Why not check out Kyoto Prefecture by the sea? At this booth, you can learn more about the perfect getaway destination to escape from the bustling city, while still being accessible to make travelling there a breeze! Plan your trip and discover more about the region alongside other must see attractions such as Kinosaki Onsen and Woodland Kyoto.


The Japan Rail Fair 2022 is not only limited to the booths and programs mentioned above, so be sure to head down to Guoco Tower L1 Urban Park to be on track to start planning for your trip to Japan. 

Header credit image: JAPAN RAIL CAFE

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