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Report: Visiting GRANSTA TOKYO's new areas in Tokyo Station

Report: Visiting GRANSTA TOKYO's new areas in Tokyo Station

As many seasoned travellers to Tokyo may know, Tokyo Station (東京駅 Tokyo-eki) is one of the city’s key transport hubs, connecting the country through a plethora of local lines and shinkansen line that run to Hokkaido (北海道) in the far north, and to Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県 Fukuoka-ken) in the south. Not only does the station contain a wealth of shopping and dining opportunities, but the surrounding area also offers some of the city’s best sightseeing spots.


(Image credit: JR Times / Julia Yee)


So when GRANSTA TOKYO (グランスタ東京), one of Tokyo’s largest in-station shop-and-dine facilities, announced the renewal of two areas GRANSTA TOKYO (Keiyo Street Area) (京葉ストリートエリア) and GRANSTA YAEKITA (​​グランスタ八重北) in April, I was excited to check them out myself. All the shopping and dining alleys are not only convenient but also serve as areas for one’s daily enjoyment from morning to night, filled with delicious food and sweets of your choosing.



When entering Tokyo Station from the outside, it’s best to tap in from the Marunouchi North Gate (丸の内北口改札 Marunouchi Kita-Kaisatsuguchi) or Marunouchi Central Gate (丸の内中央口改札 Marunouchi Chuo-Kaisatsuguchi) to get easy access to GRANSTA TOKYO. If you’re already inside the station, simply follow the signs that point towards GRANSTA TOKYO without having to tap out of the platform gantries.


GRANSTA TOKYO (Keiyo Street area)

(Image credit: JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


Since its opening in 2011, Keiyo Street area has been used by a wide range of customers. As of 21 April 2022, it has been reborn as GRANSTA TOKYO (Keiyo Street area). The renewal is based on the concept of "WANDER TRACK" whose aim is to meet the diverse needs of Tokyo Station's daily users, such as "achieving the things you need quickly and functionally", "fulfilling your daily life", and "having a fun time on the way back home with an added advantage". One of the things that attracted me most is the interior of the Keiyo Street area. I was told that the walls of the building are made from reused red bricks from Tokyo Station, welcoming customers to an environment unique to Tokyo Station.


(Image credit: JR Times / Julia Yee)


As we had visit the area in the evening, the area was packed with customers enjoying their dinner and those looking to bring home some Tokyo Station omiyage (お土産). With 28 different places to choose from, here are my  recommended shops and their must-try dishes to check out during your visit to GRANSTA TOKYO (Keiyo Street area).


1. NEW in Tokyo Station: Toritoh Torisoba Stand (鳥藤 とりそばスタンド)

(Image credit: JR Times / Julia Yee & JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


Since its establishment as a chicken specialty wholesaler in 1907, Toritoh (鳥藤) has been handling chicken and duck meat, purchasing local chicken from all over Japan directly from the production area. As I visited during dinner time, nearly all the seats have been taken up. So if you’d like to come here for dinner, be sure to come earlier!

  • Opening hours: 8am–10pm (Last order: 9:30pm)
  • Must-try dish: Musidori soba (むしどりそば) (¥1,100)


2. NEW in Tokyo Station: Sakana Bacca (サカナバッカ)

(Image credit: Julia Yee & JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


At Sakana Bacca (サカナバッカ), there is a lineup of store-limited products, seafood bowls using seasonal fish, rare fish sashimi (刺身), and snacks that go well with sake. As it is a store that specialises in fresh seafood, I was lucky to chance upon some of the fresh seafood of the day!

  • Opening hours: 8am–10pm
  • Must-try dish: Barachirashi (ばらちらし) (¥1,380)


3. NEW in Tokyo Station: Waranka RaRaRa (和卵菓ららら)

(Image credit: JR Times / Julia Yee & JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


At dessert shop Waranka RaRaRa (和卵菓ららら), they specialise in making sweets using its own fresh eggs from poultry farm Ranmeisha (卵明舎) in Utsunomiya City (宇都宮市 Utsunomiya-shi), Tochigi Prefecture (栃木県 Tochigi-ken). The main item is the fruit habutae mochi (フルーツ羽二重餅). It is a new Japanese confectionery made by wrapping fresh seasonal fruit and yolk bean paste, which is made by kneading fresh egg yolk of gold into white bean paste. Looks good, doesn’t it?

  • Opening hours: 8am–10pm
  • Must-try item: Ichigo Daifuku (苺大福) (¥460)



(Image credit: JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


The Gran Gourmet (グラングルメ) located outside the ticket gates at the Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station has been in operation for 17 years, and to keep up with changing food trends and a facility that will please even more customers in the future, a new facility, GRANSTA YAEKITA, has been constructed.


(Image credit: JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


It consists of 3 floors: KUROBEI YOKOCHO (黒塀横丁) on B1, YAEKITA SHOKUDO (八重北食堂) on 1F, and KITAMACHI SAKABA(北町酒場) on 2F, each with its own unique concept. GRANSTA YAEKITA opened on 27 April with 13 shops, with 36 more to open by the end of July. With so many options to choose from, you won’t be asking yourself “What’s for dinner?” the next time you’re in the area! But there are two shops that I’m excited to share with you:


1. NEW in Tokyo Station: Bitro Ishikawa-tei (ビストロ石​​川亭)

This is the first time that Bitro Ishikawa-tei is introduced in Tokyo Station. (Image credit: JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


Bistro Ishikawa-tei is hard to miss as it is right at the entrance of YAEKITA SHOKUDO. The red exterior also stands out with its beautiful interior design. In addition to the standard hamburger steak with cabbage, they also aim to be a more French bistro-like restaurant. This is their first store to open at Tokyo Station, which is reminiscent of the now-closed Kanda main store.

  • Opening hours: 11am–11pm (Last order: 10pm)
  • Must-try dish: : Ishikawatei Signature Hamburg with Demiglace Sauce (キャベツ入りハンバーグ)  (¥1,680)


2. Re-opening: Kajitsu-en Riberu (果実園リーベル)

(Image credit: JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.)


Walking pass Kajitsu-en Riberu (果実園リーベル), I couldn't help but notice the delicious looking sweets and cakes lined in the display case! With fruits freshly purchased every morning, they also offer desserts that differ based on the season. The cafe is popular among women, and I can see why with the cute interior and berry-like lighting.

  • Opening hours: 11am–10pm (Last order: 9pm)
  • Must-try dish: Strawberry Parfait (ストロベリーパフェ) (¥2,200)


Go on a virtual tour around GRANSTA TOKYO’s new facilities


Fancy checking out these two exciting GRANSTA shop-and-dine facilities within Tokyo Station’s grounds? Allow us to bring you along on a virtual tour at StayAtホーム: Ekinaka Shopping @ GRANSTA TOKYO when you tune in on 7 June (Tuesday), LIVE at JAPAN RAIL CAFE’s Facebook!


Date: 7 June 2022 (Tuesday)
Time: 6pm (Singapore Time) / 7pm (Japan Time)
Venue: LIVE at Facebook/YouTube


Header image credit: JAPAN RAIL CAFE


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