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Tokyo: Shiba Park Christmas Garden 2020, a winter beer garden

Tokyo: Shiba Park Christmas Garden 2020, a winter beer garden

It’s that time of the year again: the cold, crisp air, Christmas trees, bright lights, presents, and beer! Wait, beer? -Yes! Beer! This year from 4th December until Christmas day, Shiba Park (芝公園 Shibakōen) will be hosting a European-style Christmas garden featuring a winter version of the ever-popular beer gardens that can be found around Japan during the hot summer months. Shiba Park’s Christmas event has been held since 2015 but this year’s beer garden theme is a first for the Christmas Garden. It may be surprising to many, but beer gardens are actually very popular in the colder months in Germany, where the custom originated.


The Garden

The Entrance to the Christmas Garden (Image credit: Julien Manchuelle)


Part of the opening ceremony event (Image credit: Julien Manchuelle)


The event was put together by the Hibiya Garden Executive Committee, (ヒビヤガーデン実行委員会 Hibiyagāden jikkō iinkai), which is known for hosting successful events in Hibiya Park (日比谷公園 Hibiya Kōen). With over 100 types of beer from all over the world to choose from, including Christmas-themed beers and beer flights available to mix and match, there is surely plenty of fun to be had with friends and family. The beer garden is set outdoors and surrounded by 100 beautiful Christmas treesthe most in any one place in all of Japanand is in view of Tokyo Tower and the stars above, providing a romantic yet playful ambience to enjoy while drinking.


Great food

One of the many delicious beers (Image credit: Julien Manchuelle)


There are many beers and traditional foods to enjoy (Image credit: Julien Manchuelle)


In addition to beer, there will also be plenty of delicious food stalls selling 200 types traditional food, including at least 18 food stands supported by the popular food review website, Tabelog (食べログ), all of which have a rating of 3.5/5 or higher on the website.


Shops and events

European Christmas goods (Image credit: Julien Manchuelle)


Christmas goods from Austria (Image credit: Julien Manchuelle)


It’s not just all food and drinks though. There are also plenty of stands selling Christmas-themed goods like dry flower decorations and Christmas candles, as well as surprise live events that will be held everyday throughout the period.


COVID-19 precautions

For those who are concerned about COVID-19, the event planners have taken steps to follow all national and local guidelines, including requiring attendees to take compulsory temperature checks, wear face masks, and use hand sanitizer upon entry. The organisers have even gone as far as to ensure that cashless payments are made widely available. Virtually any cashless payment is possible at this year’s event.


With great beer, great food, beautiful Christmas decorations, lively entertainment, and seasonal gifts for all, this year’s Christmas Garden is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. 



Take the Toei Subway-Mita Line (都営地下鉄三田線 Toei Chikatetsu Mita-sen) to Onarimon Station (御成門駅 Onarimon-eki) and follow the signs for the Jikei University Hospital District Gate (東京慈恵会医科大学附属病院, Tōkyō Jikei kaiika daigaku fuzoku byōin) and exit via Exit A5. From here it’s a 3-minute walk to the Shiba 4th Block (4号地広場 Yon gōchi hiroba) inside Shiba Park


Christmas Garden @ Shiba Park
Address: Shiba 4th Block, 3-2 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 (map)
Nearest station: Onarimon Station (御成門駅)
Event period: 4–25 December 2020
Opening hours: 16:00–22:30 (Weekdays), 11:00–22:30 (Weekends and Public Holidays) (L.O. 22:00)
Admission fee: Free entry


Header image credit: Julien Manchuelle


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